A Natural, Whole-Body Approach

We take all aspects of your body into account. We look at how your body’s systems relate to each other and use a natural, whole-body approach to your health and wellness.

Do you struggle to feel whole, like this apple? Perhaps Functional and Lifestyle Medicine is right for you.

  • Are there any (or multiple) conditions on the apple that are an ongoing problem for you?
  • Are you being told everything looks “normal” but don’t feel well?
  • Are your symptoms or number of issues increasing in number, severity, or frequency?
  • Are you looking for a more comprehensive approach that focuses on ROOT CAUSES?
  • Are you willing to take responsibility over your health?

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Healing occurs by two important mechanisms - unblocking energy pathways and detoxification.

The client is physically helped to move into postures while expressing any areas of discomfort which give an indication of problem areas while movement itself acts as a catalyst that can release past and present emotional issues that were integral to the presenting condition developing or may be preventing health recovery.

Medicines, both chemical and natural, can only work on the body's functional systems which may not ever become strong enough to remove built-up toxic matter or foreign bodies lodged in tissues. The facilitated movement helps to mechanically remove stored toxins which can be a contributing cause to disease. Our holistic functional medicine approach includes mechanical aid to remove noxious substances so that there is no longer a need for medication to suppress symptoms and the client's whole health improves.

For example, if one has a plaque (like a thrombosis), parasite or other substance lodged in some part of the body, it causes inflammation and then suppuration, which begins to poison the whole body. The client is given antibiotics for suppuration and anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling. But, unless the foreign body is removed, the client will have an ongoing cause for constant ill health. Due to the presence of the foreign body such as parasites, candida, bacteria, virus, environmental toxins and so on, the client will continue to need medical treatment. In the long run, the side effects of these medicines eventually start to cause worse problems like impaired liver and kidney function, insulin resistance, cancer and obesity.

The lymphatic system is the backbone of the whole immune system and therefore the guardian of life itself. It is also involved in dietary fat distribution. The only way that lymphatic fluid moves around the body is by the mechanical pressure of the movement of the surrounding muscles. Our everyday lives do not fully utilize our muscular system, especially when we have desk jobs. This functional holisticmedicine approach effects deep tissue manipulation which reaches areas that are usually neglected with normal exercise and everyday life. The result is that the whole body benefits from proper lymphatic circulation. As recently as 2015, an intricate lymphatic network was discovered inside the brain. Our therapy unblocks lymphatic flow which enhances brain activity, memory, thought and nerve messaging to the rest of the body.

We cannot rely on medicines to repair our health. Medicines rely on our body's innate ability to repair itself. The reason why, even with all the progress made in medicine, the numbers of people suffering with chronic illness is on the rise, is that we are becoming inherently weaker and our innate ability is no longer capable to restore health. So, the recourse to surgery, organ transplants and robotic implants are becoming the acceptable norm.

There is a way to strengthen your innate strength. When you have tried everything else and are still suffering making an appointment is your first step towards pain-free good health.

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